Migration from previous systems

Companies are not the same in terms of digitalization, most already use some digital tool, another ERP system, or only Excel files. What is important: this data must also be used in prodHost's system, it must be able to be inserted there. Our migration service will help you with this

Data migration

Data migration is a systematic and staged approach to transferring data between (multiple) systems based on a defined methodology. The driving force behind data migration is most often based on a business decision to modify the ERP environment.

Why is data migration important for prodHost?

The data migration process is critical in ensuring that the data in the new prodHost ERP system is accurate and complete, and that it contains all the business value that you and your colleagues have already put into it in the previous format.

A well-planned data migration can help keep the entire prodHost implementation project on time and on budget. It is also an excellent opportunity to find outdated and redundant data hidden in your older systems.

Export articles in the prodHost system

Data migration challenges

ERP data migration can present many challenges for your organization

  • Data redundancy and integrity: Multiple departments may store copies of their own information about the same customers or products – but that doesn't mean their data is identical.
  • Data migration cost: The cost of extracting, cleaning and restructuring data can take a significant portion of the overall ERP implementation budget.
  • Stakeholder participation: Different units could use their own different systems related to their business needs, and their employees could get used to entering data in a specific way. Leadership support is often needed to ensure that all groups work together to create a single, consistent data set.
  • Regulatory issues: More and more regional and industry-specific regulations affect the way organizations store and use data. New legislation such as Europe's GDPR requires organizations to continue to delete all of a consumer's personal data upon request.

ProdHost ERP data migration practices


Early and frequent testing can ensure the success of your ERP data migration. Here are some tips for Self Introduction.

  • Trial data: Start testing your new system as early as possible with a small amount of migrated or manually entered data to see exactly what data fields you need.
  • Order: Start with adding Articles, partners, and then orders, then gradually expand to all data, applications, and uses.
  • Testing: Go through the checklist and run trials where users go through their entire daily process on the new system. This can raise deficiencies that would otherwise only become apparent during live use.
  • Create magic in Excel: all of prodHost's most important data can be loaded from Excel, its existing data is most likely also available in Excel. So convert your data into the format that is most suitable for import.

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